Some facts

The startup scene and the IT security scene are both booming. As a matter of fact many new founded startups are specialized on IT security. This can be attributed to the high increase of cyber security attacks all around the globe and the high increase of devices which are connected to the internet. According to the Q4 2015 cybersecurity market report [1] of cybersecurity ventures the cybersecurity market size will grow from $75 billion in 2015 to more than $170 billion in 2020 (Compound Annual Growth Rate = 9.8%!!!). The costs for companies who are victims of cybersecurity attacks are estimated between $400 and $500 billion in the report. The prime target market is the banking and financial sector, followed by IT and telecom.

The numbers show that IT security should be a major concern for every company. Especially tech and internet companies are victims of hackers. But the attack costs are still estimated 6 times the expenses on cybersecurity. This shows that at the moment there is still too little focus on Security in many businesses.


Why Software and Internet Startups?

This website focuses on IT, Software and Internet Startups. Here is why:

  1. After the banking and financial sector, the IT & telecom sector is the main target to cyber criminals. And while banks and similar institutions try to keep the attacks on them and their infrastructure concealed and are not likely to reveal details of attacks, it is more likely to the author that the young and open minded founders of IT startups are much more willing to answer critical questions.
  2. According to recent surveys and statistics criminals more and more attack smaller companies because they know that they are a bit more lax about security [2]. According to Symatec in 2015 60% of all targeted attacks struck small- and medium-sized organizations [3].
  3. There is a long list of startups being victims to cyber criminals: Stecko, Berkeley Varitronics Systems [2], Ashley Madison [3], …
  4. I work for an Internet startup, have quite good connections to the startup scene and want to further elaborate them. Because of the occupation in a startup I know what problems and constraints startups have and I am also able to implement and test different IT security measures.

So more than half of all small businesses had been victims of cyber security attacks and furthermore the IT sector is a major target. This makes also IT and Internet startups very likely to be targeted by criminals. Due to the fact that most of the software is sending data through the Internet to different servers criminals also have more attack vectors then by other companies (for example one who make physical products).