M.5) Define basic rules (security guidelines for employees)

Category:        Corporate Security, Initial

Responsible:   CSR

Effort:              2 hours

Based on:      BSI IT Grundschutz  M2.1 / M 2.220 / M 2.235 / M 2.304 / M 2.309 / M 2.338 / M 2.430 / M 2.432

The CSR should define basic rules which apply to all employees. Those are behavioural rules which every employee should know and comply with. A good source of information for these tasks is the “IT Sicherheitshandbuch für Mitarbeiter” from the WKO since this handbook is easy to read and especially written for non-security experts (unfortunately only available in German at the moment).

The following examples should show how the security guidelines for employees can look like:

  • Do not upload private keys to the source code repository
  • Password rules
    • Use strong passwords with the following characteristics:
      • more than 10 characters
      • not part of a dictionary
      • no names
      • cannot be related to you or your environment (e.g. your daughter’s name and birthday)
      • contains letters, numbers and special characters
    • Enforce strong passwords in our products
    • Do not use the same passwords you use for private identities and accounts
    • Do not use the same passwords or the same schema twice
    • Do not let the browser store passwords
    • Don’t share passwords
    • Do not write down passwords or store them unencrypted
    • Use password managers whenever possible (e.g. Lastpass)
  • Do not share accounts. Two or more employees must not have access to a service by sharing the same credentials.
  • Do not install software on company’s devices without consulting the CSR
  • Do not open email attachments unless you are expecting this email and attachment
  • In case of any security doubts immediately contact the CSR or PSR
  • Etc.



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