M.2) Consolidate information security literature

Category:        Learning, Periodic

Responsible:   CSR, PSR

Effort:              high – hard to quantify

Based on:       IT Grundschutz M 3.5 / M 3.11 / M 3.49 / M 3.96

Based on the security knowledge of the CSR and PSR both responsibles need to gain knowledge on their assigned tasks. There are many good sources of information, like OWASP Top 10 [1], information security books ( [2], [3]), annual cyber security reports ( [4], [5]), IT Grundschutz catalogues [6], and many more.

This task is heavyweight and not something which can be executed in one piece (and within a few days). The CSR and PSR should keep informing themselves about information security related topics throughout the whole lifetime of the company. Important insights should be written down in the company’s information security folder/storage.


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