Hermann Wagner, MSc

Hi! My name is Hermann Wagner and I’m a passionate Software Engineer and System Architect located in Vienna, Austria. The three adjectives which might describe me best are: inquisitive, motivated and confident. Although I’m very interested in cutting-edge technology and software development methodologies my eager for knowledge is non-limited to technical topics. Project, process and quality management, online marketing, corporate governance, teaching, politics, environmentalism and natural sciences are topics I’ve been interested on in the last couple of years.

From the computer scientists perspective I’ve covered the following range of subjects in my jobs, studies and private projects:

  • Software development processes: iterative Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, Rapid prototyping, ASpice
  • Software planing, configuration and version management: IBM Request One, eASEE, Git, Subversion (SVN)
  • Platforms: Engine control units (embedded system), Amazon Web Services, Android, Desktop applications, Raspberry Pie, Linux, Windows, Real time operation systems
  • Requirements engineering: Stakeholder analysis, clarification, requirement specification incl. verification criteria, reviews, tracability, user stories, Gherkin, model-based, Doors (nextGen)
  • System and Software analysis and design: UML, SysML with IBM Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect, StarUML
  • Implementation: C, Ruby (on rails), JavaScript (also NodeJs), Python, Java, C++, model based / driven development
  • Website structure and design: HTML5, CSS3, HAML, GIMP
  • Software Testing: Debugging, unit tests, integration tests, regression testing, recorded testing, penetration testing, behavior and test driven development
  • Software Integration: Merging software packages, integrating more than 80 packages developed by individual teams into on deliverable program version, interface clarification and mapping
  • DevOps: Continuous testing, deployment and delivery (depends on industry), cloud infrastructure management (AWS), server monitoring and maintenance
  • Incident management: problem analysis and escalation, 8D-reports
  • Quality: ISO26262, ASpice (incl. spot checks and assessments)
  • Reverse Engineering: malware, embedded source code -> requirements, Unreal engine plugins
  • Information security: malware analysis (android, rootkit, trojans), penetration testing, exploit generation, code obfuscation, product security, corporate security, Security in automotive systems and intelligent transportation systems
  • Project management, knowledge transfer: customer/stakeholder analysis and meetings, planing software deliveries, tracking work packages, tracking quality goals, effort estimation, roll out of new processes, process definition, training of new employees, training of seniors
  • Special topics: Startups, Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML), using computer games to generate synthetic data for ML algorithms, code obfuscation, RESTful Web services, Smart Homes, Predictive Maintenance, Game Engineering, Automotive Safety (redundancy, independence, periodic checks (e.g. watchdog), 100% code coverage, ASIL), Hardware Software Interface, System architectural views (static, dynamic, functional, technical, logical), AUTOSAR

As you can see, I’ve been busy the last couple of years :). And I only mentioned the topics and tasks I’ve done at least for some weeks. You can check out a few of my projects on the portfolio page.

Anyhow I somehow manage it to have a personal life as well. You can read about it at the end of this page.


Work experience

I have more than 6 years of experience in distributed software development in the automotive industry. As a software designer, programmer and system architect for BMW engine control units I am familiar with working in international and multicultural teams, project management and quality insurance for safety-critical systems.

In parallel I had been CTO / Full Stack Developer (from May 2015 – March 2017) for the online platform https://rentog.com.


Main skills

Ruby on rails Javascript
IT-Security Requirements Engineering
System Architecture Process Management & Rollout
SW-Testing Automotive Spice
Dev-Ops SEO
Creativity Efficiency
Planning Leadership
Communication Strategy
Team Work Troubleshooting
English, German Lean Startup

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Key facts about me

VEGAN After beeing vegetarian for a few months, Jessica and I decided to live vegan in January 2016. One of the best decisions in our life!
I love sports Workout, running, cycling, skiing (free riding), beach volleyball, soccer, hiking
Going out Yes, I also like to drink beer and go out with friends on weekends.
Nature I’m from the country side, so I really like nature. Spending the afternoon in the woods relaxes me and sometimes raises philosophical questions 😉
Traveling I like to see other cultures and places.